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Snapper Fishing


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Just a quick report, have been heading out for some reds of late and snagging a few nice ones. Most of the fish caught on plastics and the occasional one on bait fresh barracuda, strange not a bite on fresh cuttlefish. Have been using from 4lb to 20lb line with 20lb leader, fish ranging from 2kg to 5kg.

Cheers Mikepost-7680-0-45705400-1377816536_thumb.jpgpost-7680-0-60359900-1377816560_thumb.jpg



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Great work Mike - you know what i described you as before.......

WIll have to catch up for a fish soon mate - 2 more weeks of footy!

I will have to keep a few of the 'coutas i have been catching whilst jigging.

Thanks Jim, give me a call anytime your free. Chasing the fin tomorrow mate.

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Some solid reds there mate. A hookup on the 4lb line would get the heart pumping!

Are you using 4lb when the fish are finiky?

Ye, your not wrong 3kg reds on 4lb line was fun. That day the fish were a bit finicky but in saying that I still use 20lb leader with 4lb line.

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