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Buying a Boat

sam bros

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Hi Raiders

i want to buy a second hand boat around the $6000 mark

i am looking for a dingy or a small runabout

i just wanted to ask as this is my first time buying a boat, what should i look out for when im buying/inspecting the boat

any information would be much appreciated


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Hey mate,

Some things to look for include:

- Welding of the hull (check to see if there is any cracking and/or apparent repairs to the hull)

- Hull shape (makes a huge difference to the ride)

- Condition of wiring (if any) and electrical systems for corrosion

For the engine:

- Check the condition of the anodes and lift the hood of the engine to see if there is any corrosion to the block and excessive salt residue around the engine block (you will be able to tell if it has always been looking this good or if they cleaned it up for the sale)

- Don't be too fussed about hours unless they are excessive. A well looked after engine with 500 hrs is better than a mistreated engine with 150 hrs.

- Check the prop and engine leg for any signs of damage (in case it has had a hard hit in the past)

- I do my own servicing and would check the drain screw at the base of the gear case (it is magnetic and catches any shards of metal) to make sure the gear case does not have significant internal damage).

For the trailer:

- Check the wheel bearing grease (if it is brown then the seal has been broken and corrosion of the bearing has started)

- Check the trailer for corrosion and look for any signs of gal paint (indicative of a rusty section that has been sanded back and recoated for sale)

Many of the above can be fixed at a cost, but if you are keen on the boat you can use it to try and knock the price down. Things like past hull cracks and a seriously neglected engine are signs to stay away in my opinion.

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Hate to state the obvious but get a pro to check it over before hand. I didnt and discovered a gearbox full of water and cost me a full rebuild after oil pump failed two weeks after purchase. That was a great discussion with the wife....

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