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John Dory and a decent tailor , bound for the smoker


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Went out Tuesday . Seebreeze indicated very little wind and that combined with a day off, I knew I should go. I never like fishing so close to a new moon, but went anyway. Armed with a few poddy mullet, which weren't easy to catch at all. Too many bloody toadfish in the trap. Departed little Manly boat ramp just after 6.30 am, one trailer park left, seems a few raiders have the same idea. Sped out to the heads and discovered a massive school of Sambos but they were very timid, indeed. Not one hook up. Headed back into North Harbour and dropped my livies down and flicked a plastic too, the tide was heading low, very quickly and the water quality was sensational, infact too good. You could see everything on the bottom and they could me too. I could see my live bait twitching and then he got very nervous and I was on. Pulled in a nice 40cm tailor who devoured the poddy. Usually I would throw these guys back , but I recently received a smoker as a fathers day present , so he was going straight to the smoker.

It all went a bit quiet then around the low tide . I persisted with flicking a plastic around the moorings

And then had a hit, thought it was weed but pulled up a numb ray, damn, cast back out and could have sworn I jagged the same numb ray again but instead pulled in a beautifull John Dory . Woo hoo.

He grunted as he sat in my live well. Then it all went quiet, dead as a door nail.

Arrived home , made a brine solution for the tailor and trailed my smoker . The flavor of the tailor was beautiful , next time I'm going to try Aust. Salmon .


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Hey mate me and a mate got 4 aust salmons last weekend at swansea and I smoked all if them. They are Awsome smoked but if you try cook them on the pan or somthing they are crap. When you smoke them sit the in the fridge for a day then eat them.

Try brining the fish first, which means laying it in a saline solution for a hour before cooking . I'm hooked , pardon the pun

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