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Early season lizards


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All this warm weather had me wondering if the water was also unseasonally warm and whether the flathead of Botany Bay might come out to play. Only one way to find out so my mate and I hit the bay yesterday. The water was indeed unseasonally warm 18 to 19 degrees in the places we visited. We worked hard but caught 7 legal lizards and dropped a couple more. The best (and first was 52 cm and two more went 50) the other three we kept went mid 40s and one went back as we have a self imposed size limit of 40 cm. They were hitting hard and most had engulfed the jighead. All were males with some gonad development evident and all had empty stomachs.

They were all were taken on 4" Gulp jerkshads and 3" ZMann Minnowz. I also had a couple of hits on a Berkley MF50 soft vibe that didn't hook up. Any one had success using them on lizards? They sure look the goods and vibrate well with minimal rod work.

Nice to put a plan into action and have some success so early in the new lizard spinning season.


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