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First Yellowfin!


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Well after nearly 4 years of failed attempts we finally did it!

We began trolling to browns and then worked our way south seeing lots of whales along the way and after hooking a stripy, both of us thought that the day would end like all the others. However about half an hour later we got a double hookup and landed two small jelly beans around 6kg and thought that maybe our luck was turning around. We still had two rods out and a tangle on board so we decided to start trawling again and before we could get any more rods out the left rigger goes off and after un-tangling two rods we managed to boat my first decent yellowfin going 38.5kg. While we were sitting there watching our breaths and celebrating bait fish suddenly began jumping everywhere and then yellowfin well over 30 kg began jumping everywhere and then yellowfin well over 30 kg began busting up jumping higher than our boat and dad looks at me and says 'do you want to get another one!' So to prevent the tangles from before we only put two rods out and not even a minute later we were on again and it was dads turn. After a short fight we manages to get the fish near the boat and only then realised how big it was. Dad passed over the rod so that he could get a gaff into the fish but as soon as we got the gaff into him all hell broke loose. The fish then decided to take off ripping the gaff handles off and taking the gaff with him, took off again. Luckily the drag had been backed off otherwise we would have lost it easily. After another 15 or so minutes we finally managed to get another gaff into him with less commotion then before and boated our second fish which went 42kg. By this point both of us were exhausted and as fish busted up around us still we had a choice to make, continue or leave? Although there was the possibility to catch many more we realized how much cleaning was ahead of us and we already had our bag limit so we decided to head home and got caught in traffic (go figure) which gave us plenty of time to talk about what a special day it had been.





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That is great, I fish with one of my sons and we tried for yellow fin for the first time last weekend

Had a good day as we went with a guy that really knew what he was doing but we did not discuss how to land the fish and he could not do it by himself so i understand what you mean when you wrote about all hell braking lose when you went to gaff the fish

Big learning experience in lots of ways

You worked hard for those fish and how special to share that experience with your son

Cant be anything better than that

Regards Dave

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