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Flatties South


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Had a few too many watching the footy Friday, so didn't get out until 8.30, badly late.

Put in Shellharbour ramp, got out maybe 4km got waved down by some poor bugger who had his fuel siphoned out night before and nicked. Towed him in, lost maybe an hour.

Got back out, amazed at how many baitfish around and stripies/bonito/frigates jumping out after them. Couldn't get one on lures, even with 40mm halco. Found later when we jagged one the baitfish in the tummy were 20mm max length. Seals everywhere too.

Eventually got a good drift and got several 50cm flatties, with a few horse jackets as well but no issue with hordes of them this trip thank god. One big bastard actually followed up a small flattie I got and was biting chunks of it under the boat.

Top day, water 19.3c warmest and we only went 5-6km off maximum.




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