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Sydney Today


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Gday all, went wide today and twas glass all the way! Awesome morning for those that ventured. Maratime were on fire as they pulled up or looked at every boat in sight as they headed out the heads.

Extremely light winds and no swell. Had a m8 fishing in close up longy way and managed trag, snapper mowies and 180 jackets.

We passed the 12 mile and saw 14 boats sitting on it, I wonder how many jigs were sacrificed to the yellow peril?

Water temps varied out to browns between 18.3-20.3 deg, xurrent downhill at.4kt reaching 1.6 by 100pm. Lifewise, u name it, whales galore and saw one amongst 14 boats at browns :) dolphins,gannets,etc. Managed 3 gemmies to 7kg. There were fish all over but didnt see many boatspulling fish.

Out again tomorrow.

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Yeah first time I've seen maritime outside the heads safety checking. We were lucky my flares had nearly expired. They chased after us at 40kmh to stop us for a check!

We were at 12 lost 5 jigs, every boat was losing jigs jackets everywhere...

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