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Fishing from the car

neil the eel

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I'm sure there are people in the same boat as me and I'm hoping they can offer some help/advice.

Elderly father is really struggling with his hips these days and unable to pursue his passion for fishing. As a very casual fisho, I really have no knowledge of places where I can take him to fish basically without having to move too far away from the van.

Any places within a couple of hours drive of western Sydney would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Dolls point along the Carruther's Drive (Botany Bay) - If you fish the high tide there your rods will be no more then 5m from where you can park. Grab yourself some blood worms from the local bait shop nearby and you should catch some fish mate!

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Tom Ugly's bridge hands down. You can literally fish from the car. I've seen people mount rods on their 4wds and utes and fish off that. You could park with the boot facing the water and have him sit there with the door open holding his rod :)

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