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Weird phosphorescent effects on the sand


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I was in Narrabeen fishing by the lagoon at night, then I stepped hardly on the sand to remove sand from my feet and that's where the ground lit up. It's kind of a phosphorescent/electricity like effects that ran from the ground to the surface of the water. Really weird.

Don't know if you've experienced that before?



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Hi Quochuy

I have encountered phosphorescence on numerous occasions in the past. I believe that it is some form of minute marine life.

It looks spectacular when fishing and a fish takes off leaving a trail of colour behind it. The line from the point where it enters the water just lights up.

Love your pictures, very classy.



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Can be caused by bacteria, plankton and other organisms. Google it to find out more about it.

Some nights in Gunnamatta Bay in Port Hacking, the phosphorescence is very bright, but has disappeared by Burraneer Bay.

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That is what I saw at Maroubra beach last year around October I think it was when the "Red Tide" ? was around Sydney.

It looked like lightning shooting through the waves as they broke - amazing.

Another video :

And one more!

Is this what you saw Quochuy?

By the way - I liked your facebook page so I see all your fishing adventures!
Cant wait til the Northern beaches fire up!
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