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Lake Macquarie


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Hey guys just a report on when I went to Lake Macquarie. Went up to Dora creek on Friday arvo and came back on Sunday arvo. Was staying at a relatives house for a holiday. Soon as I got there rods out of the ute first and out the back to fish off of the wharf. First cast a little 8cm bream was happy but determined to get a bigger one. Fished from 3:30 till 11 that night hahaha. That evening I caught about 20 bream biggest going 26cm, three tailor around 30cm, and a little flathead. Next morning got up at 7 and straight to the wharf fishing. Fished for about one hour caught 6 fish few bream few tailor. Then I decided to go on the kayak so see what's out there. Bait fished for Bit caught 3 bream around the 20cm mark then decided to have a troll. Caught 4 tailor trolling and lost one big fish :'( because I was fluffing around haha. Got back at about 12ish then decided to have lunch. Went out on the kayak again later one that day caught one bream on the troll then decided to bait fish. Right outside the house where I was staying caught 1 28cm whiting, some more tailor and some more bream.

Did pretty well for a day and halfs worth of fishing and had a great time.

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