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Best fathers day with kids chasing blackies


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hi guys,

bit late but thought id post a report as been pretty busy lately.

fathers day i took the family out including the mrs for a leisurely fish for blackies.

water in pitty was crystal clear and very low at 10 - 11 am and could only see a couple of small schools that were moving around a bit.

as im talking to a mate on phone my 4 yr old (Blake the blacky master 1) screams im on dad and my mrs squeals with excitement and my other boy gets net under it and with big woooohoos and more squealing from mrs we have it on the deck.

i explained to my mrs who hates fishing this is why i love it,enjoy the feeling honey....

was pretty quiet after this and due to one of kids not feeling good headed home.

had lunch then took my eldest 10yrs and his 6yrs brother (blacky master 2) back out.

scouted 2 other spots and didnt look good so back to original spot hoping incoming tide should hold fish...

well as soon as we got there burly deployed and floats soon followed.

harry screams im on dad and we soon lose a real good fish around 40cm after it ran him around everywhere.

well the water was murkier but we could see them milling around and constant downs for 2 hrs with many missed downs (always finicky downs here) and lost some real nice fish but the keeper net was very healthy with 8 nice fish. i even got to catch one but didnt compare to watching them get excited enjoying fishing instead of all the electronic crap these days ..

anyway that was the best fathers day pressy the kids gave me and it was free, all the other things in morning were nice as they spoilt me and a few hand made gifts hanging on wall help to ease the workload at work..


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Great report mate, I took my family out on Father's day too and the wife and son caught all the keepers, which to me was fantastic, they got to enjoy catching and I got to enjoy watching them catch (and eating the flounder the wife landed)!

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Great work as always mate. I have to try this type of fishing, every report you post gets me excited and makes me think I should. Chase them for a feed. Couldn't ask for a better Father's Day spending it doing what you love with the people you love. Well done .

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