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Can you eat fish caught between Brighton-Le-Sand and Dolls Point?


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Not sure. I guess the pollutants must be so minimal and they are stuck deep in the sediments up there so they don't flow down stream.

You can pretty much eat fish from anywhere in moderation. It might take tons of the stuff to actually have any ill effect on your health, I'm sure a fish from Parramatta river woudl be far less harmful than a pack of cigarettes

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I sent an email to the Food Authority which said there is no restriction on these areas and told me to contact the NSW Fisheries for more accurate info. So I also emailed the Fisheries:

"Hello Huy

We do not have any restrictions in the area around Brighton and Dolls Point with regards to eating fish.

The only place in that area we have restrictions where it may not be safe to eat some kinds of fish is in Alexandra Canal where no fishing is allowed and the Cooks River where you can only fish using a rod and line.

If you want some more information, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who look after pollution control."

I also emailed the EPA but they referred me back to the Fisheries with this link:



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Here is the response from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

"Hi Huy

We are unable to comment on the health of fish for consumption and you should adhere to advice from Fisheries. Shellfish from Botany bay are not to be eaten, however this has not applied to fish, but to be exceptionally safe you should avoid any of the outflows from Georges River and Cooks River into the Bay and the airport and industrial side of the Bay.


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