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Rock Fishing Safety Gear


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Hi All,

Looking at doing a bit of rock fishing this season and as I am not really confident with the sea as you can never trust it I will be looking at purchasing some safety gear.

I'm looking for a life jacket that's not bulky & hot & also not over priced.

Has anyone tried the Marlin Explorer Vest?


Also, anyone know of stores that may have a larger collection of gear then your usual major fishing outlets? Might have to PM me to answer this question!


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yeah that's good if it isn't too bulky, and don't forget a good pair of rock boots with spikes in then and or some rocks spikes, a good set of eyes and ears, lots of common sense and listen to the advice from local fisho's.....

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I started fishing the rocks at the age of 15 (many years ago) and was also a member of a fishing club so had the benefit of heaps of advice. Generally rock fishing is very safe.....if you don't' know the location very well, do not fish alone. ALWAYS keep your eyes on the ocean and know where to go in case of a big wave (I have yet to see a rogue wave - larger swells come in a sequence and you should see that happening). I was crazy when young, and a number of times when confronted by a very large wave, jumped into a large rock pool - it works, but not recommended! At the end of the day, it is all about common sense - but that takes some experience. Always respect the sea....it always wins, so a personal floatation device makes a lot of sense. Just be aware, not afraid!

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There's lots of good advice if you use the search function but in a nutshell:

1) Fish the right conditions for that location (weather, sea and swell height and direction). If you are in doubt fish that rock another time. What are considered safe conditions at one location could be very dangerous at another...

2) Keep a watch out and listen. Rogue waves can happen unexpectedly but they shouldn't catch you by surprise if you listen and watch

3) Rock boots, cleats or crampons are a must have

4) Life jacket - you should wear one all the time but never use it if you follow the above.

5) If you're knocked in, first swim out from the rocks a bit then start looking for a safe place to get out of the water, a nearby beach is usually best.

6) Generally not a good idea to tether yourself to the rocks as you can get thrashed about more than if you went in the water and swam out from the wash. It also stops you from escaping from the wave before it hits. That said, in some cases it may be beneficial, but not many in my opinion.

7) if you can, fish with a mate.

If you follow those few rules then you really shouldn't have any issues really and you should stay safe.

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