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Saturyday's Forecast


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Well the time is finally here, I've been boatless for the 3 months I've been in Sydney and it finally arrives today. The long

awaited first trip on the harbor is scheduled in for Saturday (plan to launch at Wharf Rd ramp and cruise up into the harbor). I don’t really care what we catch as long it’s something and we have a good, trouble free day on the harbor.

Trouble is, the forecast is not looking great – patchy rain and 25km N/NW winds. The rain I can live with, but I’ve got no idea what a 25km wind like that does in the harbor? In Melbourne’s port phillip bay it would be a safe wind but it’d be rocky as all hell but that place is just a giant soup bowl with no protection.

So before getting out and finding it’s too uncomfortable (will have my old man with me) I thought I’d just check with the raiders who would know exactly what these conditions do to the harbor and whether or not it’ll cause any issues in my 4.3M tinnie.



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Thanks Don, Middle Harbour might be a good option - where's the best place to launch coming from Ryde and which direction would you head to chase a few fish? My research thus far has been mainly based around sydney harbour.

Hi Dredog, is Roseville bridge Warringah road?

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