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Port stephens jewy!


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Hi all,

Went out today with fellow raider diesel on our end of year bash with our local fishing club. I managed to talk them into having at the beautiful port stephens.

After a few quiet ales the night before, the plan was hatched and we stuck to our guns. First of all we drifted Taylor's beach for about 10 whiting in the live tank, of which diesel contributed most. Then it was time to hit Jew spot!!! Out went the livies and we both threw a few SP's for no result. Was a gorgeous morning on the water and without much action happening it was time for a little siesta, as the livies were still out.

Then just as I was comfortable zzzzzzzz. I jumped up, grabbed the rod and strike. I knew what it was, it was just a question of how big??? After a great little fight and some good team work, on board comes this fine specimen!



Due to a bit of damage sustained during the fight, it had to come back and feed the boys! It measured 78cm and 4.7kg and a great result for team scratchie. There's a few about ATM so get out there if can!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Nice fish! Was that caught inside the bay?

Sure was caught in the bay! The bay is an absolute Mecca for Jew! As well as the beaches out the front. I'm yet to get one from there yet but seen some stonkers pulled out. I will one day when I can drag myself away from my boat!

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