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Blackfish weed - A newbie's plea


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Hi All

Great forum

I am a new angler and am keen to try blackfishing

I have youtubed the topic to death and watched a few very senior gentleman fish the cooks river ( almost called one Ernest Hemmingway)

I have spent all Sunday looking for the stringy weed.\

Tried the following

1) Googled for 6 hours then went to all the suggested spots (most 3 years old) with no luck , unless you call the stench of a dead rat success.

2) Spoke to the local tackle shop person who just said its as rare as a friendly senior blackfish fisherman

3) Cycled up and down the Cooks river and just saw 200 different types of plastic bottles and the occasional used condom.

4) Went to Five dock and tried the canals there, no luck in Sydney Park as well.

5) Plan to drive from Camperdown to Mona Vale Pool or maybe Manly Warf next.

6) Tried with bread and flys but the Cooks River Blackies are discerning feeders.

7) Will start calling bait shops this weeks to see if I can find some to buy.

Saw the the Newcastle Council is growing weed for fisherman rather than have them destroy the environment. Why dont some Sydney Councils do this instead of just delaying your DA applications with red tape all the time.

Would be grateful for any other suggestions.



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The rock ledges of the Northern Beaches usually has weed growing now that the weather is warming up - it is always more difficult to find during winter. You can gather some at low tide (but not at Long Reef - it is a marine reserve.)

See if you can hook up with one of the regulars here - a day with a 'pro' will sort you out!! :)

Good luck!!

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Guest Aussie007

as a kid 20 years ago i use to get my weed from chisholm park on the north side under the walkway bridge around the cement walls, all them years ago a good school mate use to get his from orphan school creek, i also remember seeing some around the elizabeth drive bridge behind bonnyrigg high school but again this was in the 90's

i usually found it growing on man made structure cement walls and stuff around the water line so keep en eye out

remember if u find some in these spots post back here so others know where to get it too :)

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Maroubra rocks on the north side of the beach has some on I'm pretty sure! Also pretty sure not one person will be happy with me disclosing this as everyone seems to be so against sharing good locations, baits, tactics as they want all the fishies to themselves! But sharing is caring so have a look down there - travel down to Maroubra beach, head along the rocks on the north side until you come to the point, and just about 20 meters to the left there is a platform full of good green weed which I've seen people use and catch off!

Hope this helps- going to be dodging bullets now I'm sure!

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Hi poohbear

I was at the creek next to Georges River sailing club yesterday and there is some near the foot bridge . Look for the fine green stuff .

I use a hook made from 4mm steel wire 150mm long tied to cord -- throw out and reel it in .

Regards Bob

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