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Trolling lures


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Can be a bit of a lottery - but probably a good chance for a Salmon or Tailor. I used to troll a gold bomber around just off Patonga Beach (just deep enough to keep in touch with the sandy bottom) used to get a few flatties for the table. Trolling a lure was a favorite activity for me when my wife is with me in the boat, she likes to be underway and taking in new scenery but not going too fast.

Good Luck with it and lets us know how you go.

Cheers Blood Knot

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A site sponsor scent blazer lures had a really interesting post on how to set the spread when trolling. It really helped me. It's mainly for game fishing but you'll get the idea. Setting lures at different lengths etc. Between 6-8 knots or 8-12kph a good speed depending on lures.

I also have had a bit of success around barrenjoey headland. Early morning, some massive tailor and salmon especially around the platform out the front. Also a chance of bonito and maybe a king as it warms up! Just be aware of some of the bommies that are there. Hope that helps.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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