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Around Lilli Pilli - mixed bag


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Fished the deep near Lilli Pilli early this morning from first light, have not fished around there since late July as have been pulling out a few flatties in Bate Bay.

2 tailor in 2 casts, but they were not much over legal size, then they were gone. Also pulled out a salmon near the 50cm mark, jumped a few times on a handline, and a few fast runs, released it and no more bites after that.

Pumped some nippers and drifted around the Lilli Pilli flats. A trevally at 37cm, a whiting over 30 and 2 bream around the 30 mark, plus about 6 just undersize bream sent back. Moved to another sand flat for a flattie about 47cm, then headed home. The bream, whiting and trevally were full of squirt worms.

Did take a photo, but the pain in the arse G-mail system on my phone has not downloaded it yet.

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That is a nice place just to stooge around, the fish are a bonus.

Awesome flats to fish at night, caught some big Bream there over the years.

Another good place is the flats at the top of South West Arm. A little further but the good part is you don't get any hoons screaming around. Always get some nice Whiting there, last time I fished there caught them on small surface lures, also some Mullet on the same lures, big surprise that one.

Thanks for sharing, look forward to seeing the pics.



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