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Busy Harbour To Tight Backwaters


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What a difference hey.

only a week ago and I was putting up with ferry wakes and jet boats and this week the only sound was fish smashing the poppers and the cows in the background.

I decided to go for a drive through the NP yesterday until I came across some water. I finally crossed a bridge that was over some promising looking water. If I was in Orange I would call it for a trout stream. There were sunken trees everywhere and the river was only 10-30 meters wide at the best.

First lure of choise was a bass minnow and second cast came up tight on a little Black Bream. My mate then dropped 2 fish and I decided to change to a HB. First cast I got absoloutly smoked deep in the timber. I had no chance of landing the fish. It smashed my sx40 as I rolled it over some timber, it was very visual and only lasted aboiut 2 seconds. Time to re-rig. Next cast with same colour sx40 weilded another little Bream of about 27fork. A few cast later and I came up tight on a better fish that nailed me as I rolled over the top of a sunken tree. I reefed it in hard until it turned its head on me and we had a bit of a tussle for a couple of minutes and I could feel every log that it was bumping into. I finally subdued a very healthy bream that had obviously been in the creek for a very long time which was a beautiful colour and about 35cm.

I changed to a flick bait and a resin head whilst my mate was using bass minnows. He called out a bit exited and as I looked over he was running down the bank to gain some line on what turned out to be another very healthy Bream. I could see a sunken tree on the opposite bank and cast out my flick bait. I let it sink not too far under the surface when my mate called out again. as i turned my head to see what the comosion was my rod almost got ripped from my hand as a BIG fish smashed the flick bait. Oh well. after this it was time to throw out a few poppers which got a bit of interest but no hook ups

I know where i'm heding to tomorrow. I love this quite waters fishing.


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Hey Narra, it is a beautiful place down here. The family is really enjoying it here. I bought my som a Golden retriever for his first birthday so theres never a dull moment. the weather has bee magnificant and there was some awesome surf today. I look forward to the next few years of this more "relaxed" lifestyle


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