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wisemans ferry jewfish


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hi guys its been a lean winter fishing wise for me this year but my son told me recently that his mates father works the ferry at wisemans and had reported a few jew being caught from the sandy beach near the ferry over the last couple of weeks and after the recent rain I had a feeling that the prawns should start to run and the fish would be on over the weekend, especially being around the full moon.

I hadn't planned on going this weekend because I have a weeks holidays starting on thursday and planned to fish a fair bit of that week so I didnt want to push my luck, however my partner decided mid morning on saturday that she wanted to spend the day with her sister as she hadnt seen her for a while and the opportunity presented itself to have a fish. so I didnt need any extra coxing!

There wasnt enough time for a long fish so I decided to head off and just fish for 4 hours and figured that it should be enough time to find out if the river was starting to come back to life after what was a fishless winter for me.

I arrived at my spot at 4pm and the water was glassy and quite dirty from the recent rain, however by 4.30pm the wind started to blow up which is quite normal for that part of the river then it usually drops just on dark and thats exactly what happened.

An hour went by and the wind was blowing against the current and causing the boat to slew sideways and at time fishing with more than one rod became a little difficult but I persisted. Then just when I was starting to think that the reports could have been a bit of BS one of my rods twiched. then again a second time, I pick it up out of the rod holder and it swam off casually with the bait as I lowered the rod tip and sruck hard coming up solid on a fish that I new immediately was a good fish. It then proceeded to swim straight across the other 3 lines so I had to lift rods out of the rod holder and swap them over until the fish was in open water to the side of the boat and now it decided to come back towards me and swim straight under the boat, as I held the rod low to the waterit then started heading upstream around the anchor rope that was lying slack in the water from the wind pushing against the boat it then chucked a left turn and in a big arc started powering back downstream so I quickly weaved the rod past the canopy poles to the front of the boat where I stopped putting pressure on the fish while I worked out how to unwrap the line from the anchor rope - no mean task when your as blind as a bat without reading glasses! luckily the fish behaved itself long enough to get things sorted then work my way back down to the back of the boat where I once again was able to apply some pressure. Thank goodness the line hadn't been damaged so no harm done and I eventually was able to net the fish. I managed a legal sized flathead after that as well as 3 small soapies. Just after dark the catfish decided that they wanted to join the party and no more fish were caught after that but I was happy with what I had anyway. I pulled the pin at 8pm. The bait that I was using was slimey mackeral fillets sqid and prawns and as what usually happens at wisemans ferry thee fish took a peeled prawn.




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Nice one Pete, there is a few reports of jews that size been taken around Laughtondale lately. I hear your dilemma the glasses my boys laugh at me trying to thread a line through a hook when I forget to take a pair.


Gday jeff, mate I had no choice but to let the line go slack until I could figure out which way to unwind the line around the rope. Luckily the fish was gut hooked so it was never going to dislodge the hook. It sure is hard work when you cant see properly.


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