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Watsons bay donuts with no nuts


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Hey all,

Went for a fish on the full moon on Friday night...fishing around Watsons bay with servo prawns...in the past servo prawns have done the most damage around these parts for me so I was surprised when I was dangling them infront of a school of yakkas that not even they were interested! I couldn't be bothered switching back to plastics and after feeding the fish a bag of prawns only to watch them ignore them I decided it was time to head home!


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Reubs, I was there on Saturday night, and found the exact same. We could visually see the yakkas, so it wasn't like there weren't there! I was dangling tiny pilie pieces right in front of their faces and they wouldn't take it. A few other people were using mince meat and got zero too.

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The idea is to use a tiny hook, of a suicide pattern, on a light line and cover the hook with the bait. Drop in a bit of mushed bread, and drop your bait amongst the bread. Sometimes a small piece of bread on the hook will do the trick.

If you can see the fish, they can probably see you staring at them. :ranting2:

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The day and especially the night of the full moon are notoriously bad for all fishing in my experience.

Not sure if it's the shadows that result from us moving around with the moon behind us or what.

Ditto on berley and small hooks. The burley needs to be constant if possible. eg a frozen lump of breadcrumbs, tuna oil and prawn heads dangled in the water creating a steady light stream of tiny particles. It depend of course on currents and/or wave motion. However a handful of wet bread tossed in a few seconds before your line works well too. The yakkas get into a frenzy and don't notice that the bit of "free food" with the hook in it is any different to the rest.


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