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New vehicle to tow my boat


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I've just purchased a new Mitsubishi Outlander diesel to replace my 11 year old BA falcon. My initial assessment is very positive. Even in Eco mode you can't tell you have a boat behind you, although the fuel consumption does increase from below 7 l/100km to a bit over 10. That's on a short hilly run to the boat ramp - about 20 km return. The only negative is that the rear support pillars obstruct my view - but on the other hand the side mirrors are great, as is the rear view camera. I'm sure it will handle even steep, slippery ramps like Dalmeny with ease. My boat is a Quintrex 490 - total weight including trailer, fuel and fishing stuff would be around 1200 kg. The car is rated to tow 2000 kg. More reports later.

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