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ok fellas who found the fin today?


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Yeah mate i fished solo Wednesday off Port Kembla, it was another epic day of yellowfin tuna fishing! Triple hook up at 9.30am. Lost two 50-60kg fish, managed to boat a 40kg fish. Stoked!

Cheers Sluggo


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I fished off Kiama on Wednesday. After some searching we found birds everywhere and heard reports of fin busting up around other boats. Soon hooked up and after a 55 minute battle on 24kg tackle we lost what would have been my pb tuna at the boat! :05:

After another 90 or so minutes we came across a school busting up and heading in from our left. Without us changing direction or speed they intercepted our spread and a double hookup ensued and another two of the crew went in to action. About 45 minutes later a 40ish kg model came over the side but the second fish was still slugging it out down deep. About 45 minutes later up came a fish that we estimated (conservatively I think) at 60 kg. No stuff-ups at the boat this time though :clapping:. It was 6.10 pm when we set sail for port with tuna still visibly busting on top in the fading light and calm conditions. Simply magic. We arrived back in at 7.20pm.

A day to remember - barrels with fins clearing the water and two in the boat. Sore arms and shoulders to boot!

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