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Sydney yellowfin tuna - big yella. Video


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There is a report on Sunday - Sydney yellowfin got smoked by a big blue

We were 5 miles se of southern canyons in 700 m. I. Think that's 400 fathoms

I just made a short film of this video now-

It might be a bit long for some people

Sydney yellowfin tuna- big yella short film

It only goes for 8min I hope you enjoy and you all can catch some tuna.

Should be on YouTube soon maybe some can put it on here to see



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hey brian,

I just watched the video and that was magic!!!! your mate brad played it really well. And loved the explosion as your gaff hit that yella!!!

What a beast of a fish! Unlucky on the marlin but maybe you can get into them when your up here! Talk soon.

cheers scratchie!!!

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