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Hello fellow raiders!! I know this seems cliche but I am getting desperate in catching a nice sized lizard on bait. Can someone please help me out on bates tides moons locations anything and everything possible. Would be very very much appreciated. Cheers.

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Give the bait the flick and use plastics.

Try any sand flats and work plastics along the sandy bottom, slow retrieve with the odd twitch and lift.

I'm sure you will get a few.

Are you in a boat or land based???

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Guest Aussie007

ive been targeting flatties for about the last year now, a good key bait is good fresh chicken breast but the big flatties we have found only take pillies or the odd prawn mostly the littler flatties dont touch the prawns in the hawkesbury and botany bay

a good windy day in a boat is perfect for catching this species a bit of rocking motion on the boat turns them on, i find having the rod sitting down on the side of the boat or in a rod holder works best the fish seem to back off when u hold the rod

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