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Sydney Today


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Gday all, well half ya luck if you stayed inside the harbour today because all you would have been doing is looking at everything that was going on and not fishing and losing gear to the yellow peril.

Greeted with no wind down harbour & had the unfortunate luck of following three warships to sea!:). Its actually soooo good to see heaps of big ships in the harbour again. Who remembers the big moorings inside Bradleys Head where navy ships hung or the series of tie offs at the magnetic station and shark island?

Anyway rambling on back to fishing. Started wide of long reef .5kn current downhill or to the south. Water temp 18.3 but looking more blue than green thermoclyne was only 5m under. Wind nw at about 15kn swell se around a meter. What a punishing day, leather jackets from ar$eho!e to breakfast time. So apart from being harrased by 7 minor warships doing laps around us like 4 before pissin off we were having a great day

Trundled off towards the whale, leather jackets, down to the foul ground, leather jackets. Down to the leads, leather jackets. So far no decent fish we then decide to troll for kingies from the colours down to Ben buckler. Marked some good fish down lower but couldnt be buggerd to stop. Had to divert a bit because three jap targets popped up, one just hung there for a good 5 minutes tail slapping and the sound was amazing its calf about 4m long was attempting to breach got to be one of the funniest things ive seen while the other beast cruised around. Ended up in 40 m off nth bondi yes the jackets were still around but not as thick. Ended up with some nice blue spots, trevally, coupla pigfish and the biggest gurnard I have ever seen, tried to swap all my flatties for it but to no avail.

All in all a great day. If you have the chance get on the harbour and have a gander at the muscle out there you will never see it again.

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I was on the habour catching a few pinkies while watching the Fleet Review. Very impressed. Got a brother who did 24 years in the Royal Navy back home so I have been on and seen many ships but never in such beautiful surroundings a Sydney Harbour.

Hats off to The Royal Australian Navy.

Welsh Dave

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