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Port Jackson Shark at South Curl Curl


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I went to South Curl Curl at 6.30pm today with a local fisho I met few weeks ago.

We started the evening on the pool, the waves were strong so after casting we had to run back away from the edge. My mate first caught the Jackson Shark and headed to the beach to reel the beast in. We knew it was a shark from the strength of the pull but did not expect a Port Jackson.

Then an hour later I also got one on my Alvey. It was a good fight but only when he got into shallow waters.

Took some shots with them and released them as soon as we can.

I always think it's a great experience to hold a shark. The Port Jackson and the Cat Shark are two of the weirdest looking sharks I've caught.




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This one was lazy at first, I thought it was seaweed. It's only when it started to get stuck in the shallows that he started to give a good fight.

It's the first time I saw or even heard of a PJ, and I did really enjoy the final fight and think it is a great looking shark. Releasing one is always a great feeling.

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