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Yarramundi Bass Today


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Hi all,

Quick report.

Headed down to Yarramundi today. Wasn't our first choice but there was a social on at Devlins so decided to head further afield and leave them with it.

It was a good choice with our best Bass for the season so far.

Scored a nice couple, and a few small ones that were fair dinkum only twice the size of the lure. Honestly, I have bigger fish in my aquarium, aggressive little buggars.

Here's a few pics.








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Seen you there in the yak boys! I was land based with my boys just needing to wet a line! Well done on the bass. Had a couple of follows but no hook up! Well done!

Cheers scratchie!!!

Ah yes, saw you there on the bank as we came in to call it a day. Sun was really hot and dead calm conditions. Not a fish off the surface but its only a matter of time :-)

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Thought it was you fellas. Was going to call out fishraider, but didn't want to embarrass myself!

At least you got something. Seen heaps of fresh water mullet, but couldn't get amongst the bass. Looking forward to heading home tomorrow to get amongst the fish again!

Good luck to you guys!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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