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Rose Bay Boat Ramp Major Parking Issues


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Hi Raiders,

I am looking to put a petition together to improve the facilities and parking at Rose Bay boat ramp (Lynne Park). This is the only boat ramp in the area other than botany or five dock????!!!!!

They have just spent millions on upgrading the ramp and car park but there are major issues for boaters. It seems that the local Woollahra Council see this car park as a nice little revenue stream rather than what it should be which is a parking area that has adequate parking facilities for people launching their boats (as well as people using the ferries).

There are no parking spots that are reserved for cars with trailers during the week and they are always taken up by commuters cars parked three deep in the trailer parking bays.

At weekends there are parking bays that are exclusively reserved for cars with trailers, however they are very poorly signposted and the majority of the time again, these parking bays are three deep with cars that do not have trailers. (who sometimes receive fines)

On a couple of occasions now I have been forced to park in spots that are reserved for council vehicles as they have been the only option for me after waiting for over 30 mins with my boat tied to the wharf with thousands of dollars of equipment left unattended.

I have received heavy fines for parking in these spots ($160 a pop) with no recourse even though the bays reserved for cars with trailers have been taken by unauthorised cars that are without trailers.

There is plenty of other parking available on the other side of Lynne Park for cars without boats but there are no signs informing people of this.

It just seems ridiculous to me that they would spend all of that money upgrading the boat ramp and not make provision for the people that use this facility regularly. there is also nowhere to gut and clean fish or even a tap to flush your outboard or wash your boat. Admittedly not everyone catches fish and not everyone needs to flush their engine at the ramp! But these should have been considerations when the improvements were made.

Recently the council had also approved the Moscow Circus a permit to make camp next to the car park without any provision whatsoever for the extra traffic. It was a nightmare for anyone attempting to launch a boat and park their trailer afterward.

Basically, if you want to do a mid-week or afternoon session on the weekend you are going to be screwed.

I don't know how we would approach this, whether it is the Council or the Maritime people we need to lobby?

I appreciate a lot of you may not live in the eastern suburbs but as people who pay or rego's and licencing fees we are ALL paying for something that just isn't benefiting the very people it was supposed to.

Any ideas on who we need to lobby would be greatly appreciated.


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mate I dare say a council issue,if i were you I would fire off a email to Howard Glenn at nsw maritme (or rms),I have delt with this man and he gets things done ,he may be able to put some pressure on the council on your behalf and he does listen to the general boater and will endevour to help with this issue I"m sure cheers dunc333.

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