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Forster Jumping Fleas win Local Performing Award!


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Hi guys

Some of you may know that over the last 2 years, I have run the Forster Jumping Fleas Ukulele Band. In the past 12 months, we've been performing at Old Folks Homes and Community Groups such as Meals on Wheels, Respite Care Groups & Charity Groups as well as 'one offs' like Xmas in July for clubs and we currently have 12 bookings between now & Xmas ........ and will probably be asked for more!

So - when we were nominated in the "Performing Groups" section of the Great Lakes Cultural Awards last weekend, we didn't really expect much to happen ....... but blow me down - we won it!! The smile is still on the dial - and we've been awarded $300 to spend on the group!! We may even go for 'all the same shirts' tho I will continue wearing my 'bright one', as it was my neighbour's (who was a member of our group) who sadly passed away from Prostate Cancer at Easter, so it is my way of still including Hal in the group.

Before we were announced as the Winner - with the organiser's permission, we performed our 'Club Song' and Keith took a video of it, which turned out really well!! So here it is!! I hope you enjoy it! As you can see, we do it more for fun than serious - John (2nd from right) was even playing 'air uke' as he'd injured his wrist from playing too much!

Many of our members had never played an instrument prior to joining the Jumping Fleas - so it goes to show - you are never too old to learn the Ukulele!! It is easy peasy! Our oldest member is Dorothy (in the pink hat & blue shirt) at 86 & has been playing a year. Most of us are aged from 50 up!

You NEVER see a grumpy Ukulele Player, either!! :clapping: We meet every Wed & have 2 sessions - the day group (at John's Aged Care facility) used to be the 'beginners' but are now up to scratch with the afternoon group (at Club Forster), & we all get together to perform our gigs!

SO ..... if you want to try a really fun instrument - go out & get yourself a ukulele!! :D The Tanglewood Union Series are a good choice, in Concert or Tenor size, for about $150, including a hard case!! DON'T BUY ANY CHEAP & NASTY $30 ONES!




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