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Camping/fishing beach spots


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Hey guys I'm looking for a beach to camp on, fish for Jew and tailor or salmon and 4x4 so I'm near the car, anywhere up to about a 3-4 hour drive up and down the coast, just with a couple mates

Any location would be greatly appreciated


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A neat spot is middle beach down in the mimosa rocks national park. It's about 20 minutes north of Tathra, maybe a little far down from Sydney but definitely worth the extra drive. I haven't been down that way in a couple of years but used to head down there with my mates when we were in year 11&12. Went down there for my 19th birthday too.

Theres a dirt carpark next to a weird square dam thing, and about a 100m walk to a series of clearings where you can camp. A ranger comes round from memory and I think it's $20 per day. Theres a long drop toilet which is better than digging a hole, and it also a bin that gets stocked with firewood. It's a short walk down to the beach, and most of the time theres barely even another tent in the area. You don't get a phone signal on pretty much all providers and it feels like you're in the middle of nowhere.

If you wanna take out the 4wd too theres a neat mountain drive up a dirt track just up from the town/few houses(?) of Tanja which is right between the camping ground and Tathra. After a bit it comes out at a really cool waterfall which is set up with bbqs and it doesn't look like people head there much. Can't remember the name of the place though. Had some good drives in the pulsar up that way trying to keep up with my mate's hilux hahaha.

Not sure if it's exactly what you're after but it's definitely worth checking out, it's a beautiful stretch of coastline and not as touristy as the bateman's area.. Still feels pretty untouched. :)

Just an edit - sussed it out again; copy/paste these coordinates into google maps: -36.644065,150.012436

And the mountain road I was talking about is a signposted turnoff somewhere along the 'Dr George Mountain Road'


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There are a few good spots up to half an hour before Tathra that alluring is talking about in the Mimosa Rocks National Park.

They are right on the beach and have little cut out camping areas and are supplied with firewood, no showers and some no toilets.

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Thanks a lot guys really appreciate it! Yea the only problem is your not allowed to camp on stockton anymore! Apparently there's parts of the beach you can't even 4x4 on, it's a shame though..

Sorry about that. Forgot about the no camping bit at the moment because I normally drive the 500m to home! lol.

Someone suggested mungo brush!!! That's not a bad spot on bombah broad water. The prawns are starting to run, you can fish the lake, or down at hawked nest or off the beach towards broughton island. Good luck!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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