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snapper round 2


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After landing 2 nice reds on sunday I hit it again today with a work mate. Again launched from bellambi out around 150ft mark using plastics. Most were caught on ZMan 8inch baby bass colour. Credit to my mate as he schooled me today landing the two biggest reds.


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A top catch, what is the ramp like at Bellambi?

I haven't been there for more than 50 years but recall going spearfishing from there, guess things have changed a little.



Great ramp mate. set up for multiple boats, heaps of parking and protected from the most winds. Coming down from Sydney its probably your best option for fishing.

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they're some awesome reds mate! what boat were you in?

looks like we both did pretty well =)

A white Ally craft 5.35. Nothing flash but does the job. I'm pretty sure you were just in front of us launching in the morning. Cant complain about the day hey. Started off windy but ended up a cracker and even better when the reds are on.

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