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Port jackson & South head yesterday


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Had a quick run out yesterday afternoon, kept 3 big squid over a kilo each (one had eggs in :0() 2 other small ones as lives (eaten by jackets)

There were what seemed to be loads of fish (bait maybe) at north head but they wouldn't touch plastics or live squid?? Photo attached (bit blurry)

There were also 3 whales breaching and slapping about just off south head which was awesome!! have a vid but dont know how to attach?

Tried to drop fresh squid head twice over the DPI artificial reef but got caught both times (why did they make it so high!!) any tips on fishing this structure would be appreciated!!!

Also saw a couple of big flying fish literally 50m off the cliff at South head, I thought they were open water/tropical fish?? Water temp was between 17.5 and 18.5 deg.

anyone got accurate gps coordinates for the colours reef please?

No kings or snapper but Squid were very tasty!


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nice catch on the squid mate...where did you hook up on them if you don't mind my asking? they are one of those elusive creatures for me at the best of times. I've seen plenty of flying fish about when cruising on outside of sydney heads so they are definitely around, never caught one though..how do they fight? As for the artificial reef i wouldnt have a clue.. :/ hopefully someone does though


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I fished south head to bondi last Tuesday. chasing salmon on light gear with plastics. couple of big schools around also got heaps of trevally and pike. all seem to be schooled up, maybe what you sounded.

whales were putting on a show then as well. also had a seal chase one of my salmon beside the boat.

aahhhh, Good times.

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Got the squid at ladies bay, all caught on a 3.5 EGQLive brown jig, was out again today loads of tailor and salmon busting up kept one tailor for a feed. Only one small squid which again was mullered by fkn jackets!!!

Saw smaller flying fish over near Balmoral, very odd?

Also saw a police frigate escorting a massive submarine out to sea!


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Guest mike2153

I was out there today following the school of salmon around north head at about 930 or so saw noone hook up one wouldn't touch anything I put near them, a mutton bird took my bait and swilled the hook had him in the boat trying to get the hook out but has to cut the line poor bastard I felt so bad for him

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I had no luck with small softies or minnows, Match the hatch often works but when that doesn't work try some thing bigger. I was hooking plenty on 100mm squidgy flick bait in clear colour with a touch of blue across the top, not sure what its called.

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