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First Yellowfin bent our new Gaff


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Hi All

Sorry its a few days late but we landed our first YFT on Saturday, This was the second time we have tried, the first time we lost a fish at the side of the boat that we estimate was 50% bigger but this fish was big enough for me

We thought we were going to lose it after losing the previous one so the first gaff shot was near the tail and it bent the $180 expensive Tuna Gaff in a few seconds, Lucky we had the 30 dollar cheap second Gaff on board that we could use the land the fish

My son means no disrespect to the fish but fulfilled his 10 year old dream to rid a tuna after seeing it one on Wicked Tuna TV show

My friend Rob that has been teaching me has so far been uncannily correct in everything he has told me including that you can bend a Gaff

Tuna weight 35kg, was caught after 5 hours trawling without a bite, No birds or anything to suggest we were going to get a fish till it was on out of no-where

Had 3 50 wide game reels and it took the egg beater




regards David

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Great Post and Pics, thanks for sharing.

How about some details of where the fish was caught, type of lure etc. We all like to read about that sort of stuff.

Also you have a nice looking well set up rig, what type/size is it?



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Well done David and your son on finding the fish

Great photos too

Great watching your videos of father and son, i think the one just the 2 of you was the best

I am also lucky I have someone helping me learn but I have a long way to go, landing the fish is very full on


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