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Where not to park the car and trailer!


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Hi all,

Today I caught up with fellow raider stickybeak and his boys. We met at soldiers point boat ramp to go for an early flick around the bay! After noticing two men parked in one of the ramps blocking people using it, I was a bit perplex until further examining the area, I could make out what I thought was an ariel and yes I was right! One of the blokes there had forgot to put his handbrake on!


What a waste of a beautiful morning in the bay!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Ive seen a guy and his Ford truck at berowra. He had the hand break on but i could slowly see the car giving way. It started to roll and i made a dash for his car. Was gonna jump through the window but he made it first. Ford :P

I take it that it was a manual car? Baffles me as to why wouldn't you put it in gear, its standard practise.

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I always carried a couple of pieces of suitable timber and had them ready should the car began to slip or the ramp a bit slippery.

Awareness and alertness is always handy.or just in case. I would always put a block under the wheels when pulling the trailer out.


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