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Wiring aerial


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I have not seen this type of aerial base before so I am commenting based on experience of other types of aerial bases.<br /><br />Firstly, you have not mentioned whether it actually works. If it works as is don't try to fix it.<br /><br />But it does seem a strange way of connecting the aerial wire. Normally the central part of the co-ax aerial wire (a single wire) is connected to a point that is insulated from the surrounding metal parts. Then the woven copper shroud is peeled back and earthed to a connection point that forms part of the surrounding metal parts.<br /><br />Have you checked whether the cable should have been fed through the hole that leads to the aerial? That would seem to make more sense.<br /><br />The nut should be for adjustment only, not to connect the aerial.<br /><br /><br />Cheers<br /><br />Paikea

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