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Parra River bream action


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Hi all,

First post here but have been lurking, this is a fantastic forum.

Headed down to Kissing Point wharf last night after work to enjoy the balmy evening and sunset with the Fiancé and some red wine (disguised as ribena...).

Picked up some Woollies chicken tenderloin and setup next to some other fishos who turned out to be quite pleasant company (a chap named Glen and an un-named guy with his young son).

First heavier setup with a small running ball sinker down to hook and slice of chicken. Cast out, line tight, set drag...

Second lighter setup with bream jighead and slice of chicken. Cast out 10m only, line tight, thump thump thump.... bait gone.

Rinse and repeat on the light rod for about 20min before the Fiancé hooks up and after a short fight finally pulls up a nice 25cm bream which she lets me know about. Fish released. Meanwhile theres been nothing but small taps on the heavier rod.

5min later Fiancé has one more hit on the light rod and this one really bent the rod and took line. Helped her tighten up drag slightly and she continued fighting until the hook pulled. Unlucky. That was a decent fish.

Decided to go completely unweighted with both rods and circle hooks to let the fish do the work. Got a few inquiries on both rods until the light rod again bent over. I jumped up and grabbed it, felt the hook had been set as the fish ran and let this one take all the line it wanted. It went fairly nuts. Tightened drag and worked the fish for about a minute and hauled up my pb bream at 38cm. Got some congrats from the fisho company.

I dropped another decent bream as it surfaced while the Fiancé picked up a small taylor. After lots more enquiries and no hookups decided to call it quits after a relaxing couple of hours for a school night.

Posted Image

Unweighted chicken around the top of high tide on 8lb mono. No one else was having any success on squid tube and worms.

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Roberta, it did go. It took line quite easily and I had a tough time pulling it off by hand.

Flickn, chicken is possibly my most consistent bate with bream. Particularly successful on bigger bream in shallow arwas.

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