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Middle Harbour mixed bag


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Decided to head out for a night session with a friend a few days ago. Got the tender and the 2HP (oh the Power!) to near the Spit Bridge (where the current spills out and slows down) around 10:30PM, mid-tide but in perfectly still weather with no moon.

We berleyed lightly but regularly and started streaming unweighted white servo pillies (the really tiny type). Soon we could clearly see shadows but they were literally just playing with the bait, rushing it but not eating.

This went on for more than an hour and a half as we tried various hook sizes, presentations and also lures and blades across 3 different spots, all for just one tailor. All of a sudden, still mid-tide, the current changed as a big eddy came our way, the water became not so clear and I think warmer and the fish went ballistic!

We landed 5 legal fish in an hour, with a few more under and also both got smoked by some mafia hoodlums with bad attitudes (but we learned tons, should be able to land them in future!)

I got a tarwhine (or bream? 25cm), a tailor (38cm) and a 37cm mackerel (I think? Pic below) and my friend got a similar tailor and mackerel (sorry no pic). Then the current changed again and the fish stopped feeding.

Still learning so correct me if I called the wrong species!

First mixed bag report, loving life :banana:


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Yep yellowtail and its a bream. You rarely cant hoodlums (kingfish) at night more aussie salmon, big tailor or possibly jewfish. The smaller yellowtail make great live bait drop them to the bottom on 30lb+ for jews. Or the big ones butterfly them and drop them down.

Another tip any pelagic fish (ie tailor, salmon, kings) should be bled straight after capture but cutting from the underside of the gills up to the spine.

As for the bait the "white servo pillies" are possibly white bait?

But sounds like you had a great night keep it up and the fish will keep coming.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I'd call it whitebait too except the bags say "white pilchards". Will do more research on fish identification lol.

Also I confess I love the fishy taste... Spicy food you see... It's not my fault, I was born like that! :-P

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Looks a little big for a Yakka, more likely to be a Cowanyoung. Following is a description of the Cowanyoung.

"Cowanyoung are dark green to green-blue on their back and silvery on their lower sides and belly. Their fins are translucent or grey. Cowanyoung have large eyes. Their main lateral line bears large, keeled scutes along its entire length and curves gently downwards behind the pectoral fin. The secondary lateral line extends posteriorly to well past the beginning of the second dorsal fin."



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