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Alluminum Boat need a buff


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Want to give my Quintrex (white) a bit of TLC and Pretty it up. after a good wash what would be the best way to give the Body/Hull a buff and bring the colour (White) back to a nice clean and shiny state again. would like to know if anyone could give me some advice of what the best product and way to Go. Cheers :banana:

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Hi mate,

Depending on the overall condition of your paintwork i.e thickness of paintwork,oxidisation etc there is numerous ways to go about it and several products that can be used.

But be warned,a buffer in the wrong hands can easily burn through paint especially on edges leading to having to respray/blend in the area of damage which will become an expensive little exercise real quick taking into account the costs of 2k paints,primers,thinners etc.

Having said all that pm me and I will give you some pointers on what to do.


Ex spraypainter/beater.

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You can use an electric buff with fine cutting compound first then a polishing compound but if the paints thin you may cut through in places..so go easy . The safest but hardest way if the paints reasonably good is just a good hand polish and hit it with a wax type polish to coat it once its done.

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