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Sydney Sunday


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Gday all again and what a magnificent day to be on the water. The harbour this morning was glass and couldnt wait to get outside.

Met at the head by a rather nice 1m ne wind swell sitting over the top of yesterdays sth swell, bit joggly but not to bad. Headed sth to where we were yesterday, intended to go wider to our jew spot in 80m but thought of the yellow peril we encountered yesterday and stayed in 60-65m water.

Water colour still greeny blue, temp at 19.8 all day and current downhill at a knot. Great start to the morning flatties everywhere biggest today a 60cm tiger, the staple for the day, tigers all over and heavily in roe. A few blue spot to boot and a strange looking olive coloured thing still unsure as to what it is. Meat once gutted even clearer than marble meat. The mowies have gone a bit shy? our biggest at 58. There is also a sprinkling of snapper through as well. Once again luck... no pesky jac K ets !


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