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putting numbers on boat - tips


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You could use a small block of wood cut to the right height you want, tape one of those waxy pencils to it then run it around under the lip at the top of you hull. Should give you a line the same distance from the top so they line up correctly.

If you want to get really technical, you can measure the sticker widths for each letter, add a margin in between and use a set square to draw a right angle line to the top one so you get them straight as well as level.

Place your stickers so they're just under the line, then when they're dry and stuck good, wash the wax off.

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I was told to lightly go over them with a hair dryer after each one was set in place . . . also helps the stickers adhere to the uneven surface of the hull . . this was suggested by a spray painter who said this is method he used when he applied sticker pin stripes . . .

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the light mist of water needs to have washing detergent in it too...thats important once you "squidgy" the water out from behind with the flat sputula board they will be stuck fast then just leave them be to dry...

I have applied many decals and names and always fine

check out instructions with pics here


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