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Tying 120 pound fluro to 80 pound braid


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Getting my downrigging set up ready for king season, last year i was using 50/80 and lost way too many fish, this yeah im upping my gear got a nice overhand set up and am going to spool it with 80 pound braid. What length leader would you guys use and also what knot would go through the guides the best (using 120 pound). Thanks in advance.

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On an overhead you can have a longer leader than on a spin reel.

Only if you use the right knot to get through the guides or even a level wind.

2-3mtrs of trace joined by a MID, GT or PR knot is the way to go.

You just have to teach yourself how to tie it.

In 120lb trace you don't need flouro so stick to mono.



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I used the fg knot 60 braid to 100pd leader and went out today throwing a stick bait. It seemed to go through the guides fine. Swell was up so didnt fish so cant tell you how it rated strentgh wise but I think it has alot to do with how good you are at tying the knots.

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I use mid knots for lines in that bracket for that function. It will probably take you a couple of goes to start feeling confident. It now takes me about 10 minutes to tie one, they go through the guides very well and are very strong, most reliable knot I have found once you are confident with it. I don't own a PR bobbin but guys that do will vote PR knot which is similar. I don't know how to tie a GT or FG knot so I can't say that mid knots are better or worse than them. I just like mid knots

If I get jacketed on the water or get busted off and need to put on a new leader I just use an Albright to save time. Really hard fluoro is a little more difficult because the knot relies on the braid biting into it and different braids work differently.

Make sure you pack down your knots under a serious amount of pressure. I used to use the toe ball of the car. You will soon learn little ways of changing how you pack the knots as to how they will hold.

I fish spin reels and still put on 3-6 or more metres and wind it onto the reel depending on what I'm doing. Be conscious that harder and stiffer lines like fluoro will potentially have more memory and get curly if kept on the spool for a while. I often use jinkai for my leaders because it knots well an has a well balanced stretch for a tiny bit of shock absorption to help with pulling hooks, and hard fluoro for a trace of 1 or 2m for my rig when down rigging. Please note Jinkai is not too crash hot for abrasion resistance but a lot better than braid.

I dribbled on a bit there sorry.

Good luck.

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