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Cooks river and my 2nd SP fish!


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Gday Raiders! Finally managed an couple of hours off this arvo for a fish! Was dead keen to try out my new setup (Sienna 2500 and sonic pro) and see if I could grab another fish on SPs.

Got down to the water just after high, started flicking around for no interest. Wacked on a swimming mullet pattern eventually and managed a nice little flatty! Not a whole lot of fight but such a good feeling to get results on SPs as I'm only really starting!

No interest for the rest of the runout.

Question on techniques: being landbased when the current picks up you're casting out and your plastic is drifting past you essentially, when you lift to put some action into it you're dragging it towards you, this doesnt seem like a natural look. Is it better to have your plastic being retrieved into the current or flowing with it?

/ any landbased tips



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A lure attracts fish by it's action.

Retrieving against the current will produce plenty of action, but the pressure on the line against the current will lift the lure up from the bottom and that may be out of the strike zone for the fish.

Retrieving with the current will produce less action, but will usually keep the lure deeper.

Retrieving with the current will require a lure with more action, such as a paddle tail or curled tail.

Retrieving against the current can be successful with a lure with less action, but a heavier jig head may be necessary to keep it down near the bottom.

And in stating the above, what works in one location may be different for another.

Some people wade into knee deep water, only to scare fish that are already feeding there: this is more common during early morning or late afternoon.

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Nice work mate. I remember a few years back when I started using plastics (also land based) and Flatties were the first and only fish I got for a while, they love em! There's no better feeling than when you finally get the technique down pat, especially land based.

I now get more Flathead on plastics than using any other method, far less small fish and the by catch can be great too although it can be a tad tricky trying to land a Jew or little Kingy off the rocks when your expecting a Flatty!

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First of all well done on your catch! :)

I'm a newbie to SP's etc and have only been using them in the past 3 months and yes they become somewhat addictive.

I use the method of keeping the SP's or hardies in the strike zone I would for bait but give it some action. There some really great threads on here about it all but just do what' works for you. If don't catch fish, then change your method.

Good luck and look forward to your next report!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Well done!

Congratulations on a nice fish and new combo too! May it produce many a fish for you.

I also have a Sienna 2500 and it's a great little real for the price.

Also remember that fish waiting for a meal generally face into the current in anticipation of pouncing onto their prey swimming past with the current so working your lure with the current will appear more natural.

Keep up the great work.


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