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Fishing soft plastics at the Peak


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Hi all,

Just wondering if I can get some advice on this. Starting to get into the SP fishing out at Peak. Hardware will be nitro magnum butt 3-6kg rod running 20lb braid on shimano twinpower 4000. What are some good plastics and jig head weights and what is the preferred leader weight that will work out there? Any suggestions would be great


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Hi HookedOn,

Don't want to dampen your enthusiasm for SP's but I don't think the Peak is the place for them. You are fishing in 40m plus depths with often a strong current running. Jigs of 150gm to 250gm are more the go. Not sure you can get a jig head in weights that would get you anywhere near the fish. Also a 3-6kg outfit would be seriously under-gunned out there. Have been smoked on 15kgs many times.

Cheers, Steve

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I can only endorse the previous comment. Just a thought but not sure if practical . Run a soft plastic off a 12oz Barrel sinker. Barrel sinker above the swivel and plastic off the swivel as well. Hard work retrieving so be well prepared.

Again upgrade your tackle.

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if you are targeting snapper then you will need a sea anchor to slow your drift down and a 1oz head should get you down but at those depths line diameter comes into play. i read an article a while ago about fishing SPs in 100m and they were fishing 10lb braid and 1-2oz heads cast as far as you can infront of the boat and stay connected to the plastic the whole time.

but yes if the jackets are there it could be a frustrating day and if the kings are on possibly even more frustrating so might be worth taking a heavier jigging outfit/live baiting as will.

good luck im keen to hear how you go as ive considered similar ideas.

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