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Sydney harbour mixed bag 17/11/13


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Hi. Raiders. With the forecast not that good we still decided to check it out. Left the marina around 6am. Headed straight out the heads and we were greeted by 2-3m swell. We saw a couple of charter boats heading out as well. The skipper dennis decided to turn around and went to balmoral/spit instead. Tried to catch squid but none could be found so we anchored up near the bridge where the boats were. Caught plenty of baby reds between 10/20cm. Caught a yakka and we sent it out hoping for a jew/kingy. We ended up with a salmon which fought like a kingy/jew. Hahaha. We were using 10lb mainline with 5lb leader. we trolled around clontarf and caught 1 flatty. We moved to around rose bay and caught 1 jacket. Our last stop was shark island and caught 1 snapper. Back at the marina around 3pm.

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Do you mean that you sent out a live yakka on 5lb leader hoping for big predators? Ha ha ha

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Yes we did...hehehe...it was a challenge...got a salmon around the 1kg...just imagine a 10kg jew on it...that would have been a sight to see...or a hoodlum kingy...

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