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16/11/2013 parramatta river garfish bash scissor score


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After a couple of weekends indoors I decided it was time to prep the gear and head out for a bit hoping to catch something just for fun at least! I recently purchased 2x penn bait runner equivalents with matching rods but have yet had a chance to christen them..Saturday had clouds about all day and no rain so about 2 hours before the high tide I decided it was time to head down to woolwich and have a go..when I got there I was greeted by a dark cloud a little ways off so I jumped out of the car and not long after setting foot on the wharf down came the rain in buckets!

I thought I would brave the conditions so I grabbed a torch and had a quick look in the water..visibility wasn't too bad and I could see quite a few 5cm size fish about and saw a big flash of a fish flank under the bridge..threw on a soft plastic and let it drop to the bottom..SNAG on the first cast..re rigged and threw on a little shallow diving minnow hard body for no love..then with the headlamp I spotted a garfish hanging below the surface so I cast out and lined it up and hit it side on with my lure on the retrieve..much to my dismay it startled it and did not much else and that's all she wrote for the fishing trip as I was now soaking wet with nothin to show..

Also someone left their scissors down there so if they are yours let me know otherwise free scissors for me :)

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Actually I want to head out on the boat this weekend to test my new dragonfly sounder...but also the boss wants to come out on the boat..I would like to hit the harbour but don't know my way around for fishing...if anyone is willing to have a tag along pm me please :)

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