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Here's The Salmon!


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I was out visiting another restaurant today at Clovelly baths late today and while I was talking to the chef I saw what looked to be a small "riffle" on the water just off the rocks .

Hopped in the car and drove to the edge of the car park and there was a shoal (to big for school) of salmon that stretched from there to wedding cake island.The fish were in very close,and I could have quite easily stood on the bonnet of the car and cast to them with a shooting head fly line (within 30ft of the rocks!).

There was a total of about five seagulls hovering around but as is typical of the salmon they were "slurping" the bait off the surface and were feeding cleanly.The waves were so low I could have beach launched my boat off the rocks,and the noise from the salmon feeding could be heard inside the car.Talk about twitchy fingers,I was tossing up going to bronte tackle shop and picking up a new spinning outfit.

These salmon would be a bitch to spot from sea level at any distance over 300m I reckon (looking towards the shore anyway),so If you intend to go looking I might suggest staying in close and looking ahead or out to sea.The ramp at longbay would have been ideal for a crack at these guys !.

Some day I will get a digi camera and start off with a "guess where these were today " post. :thumbup:


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The salmon when I left them had one "arm" herding bait into gordons bay.They appeared as a whole to be just milling around doing the "salmon mooching thing".

If you are heading out from botany I would just flat maggot it out to long bay and start looking from there.I would bet there would be a school hanging in the eddy that forms up at "Julien".

Dont forget your eyes mate.


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