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Soft Plastics


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bass minnows are now sold as power minnows, they are exactly the same thing

...just a tip


thanx for the tip lurespinner..........i think i saw them at the penrith bass store today, they looked like little green grubs with a big eye at the front :1prop:

those gulp prawns look the go......do they make your hands stink after touching them (they sure look :badair: ).......?



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Actually u might want to wait a bit, theres a new version of 'bass minnows' from Berkley coming out (some stores might have some already). Slightly different profile and with 'eyes'. They're called Drop Shots.....

And ur right, ur hands do stink a bit after using Gulps :tease:

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Dont want to sound like a know it all but the new berkleys are called Real Stix and will be sold Two ways First is in the Blister Pack Like the one in the picture that will follow, the second is in the resealable bag that we all know and love.

Here are a few pic of some i have to try on Sunday



Will be available soon

Cheers Mick

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Let us know how u go with them on Sunday Mick :1prop: (also let us know if the berkley jigheads are any good too)

The ones I saw were in the regular soft bags and it had Drop Shot on it, didnt know they were also available in the blister pack.

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thanx for that mick & matrix....they dont look as soft as the plastics ive been using(only the squidgies so far :1prop: )........

the idea of having 2 already jigged up is great for us begginers :1clap: unless the bag isnt resealable, then we have the problem of them drying out, do we not....?

look forward to hearing how you go on sunday...all the best.....



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