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Passage Flatty

Ken A

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One of our members "Jaso " has been in Caloundra the past few days. The fishing has been very ordinary since the bream run finished & the Flathead are just starting but this morning in a last ditch effort at a fish before leaving Jason took this nice Flathead that went 60cm on a pink ??? hard body. The plan was a release but it was hooked deep in the gills so I'll release it into the fry pan :biggrin2:

Nice fish Jason :biggrin2: I enjoyed our couple sessions even though the fishing sucked :biggrin2:

I get fed up with saying "should have been here last week"


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Many thanks Ken for the hospitality. I had a top time, and even though the fish came few and far between (this time, I'm sure its not like that always), I'd certainly be recommending Caloundra as a great spot on the sunshine coast for a holiday.

Other notable mentions about Caloundra and fishing with Ken, for those who have not experienced this first hand themselves:

* Caloundra has the largest collection of super huge roundabouts of anywhere I have seen. It is my firm belief that the idea for the roundabout around the Arc de Triumph in Paris must have come from a prior resident of Caloundra. :badair:

* Ken's mate Bob joined us for one session to fish. At one point he was fishing about 50metres from Ken and myself, and I pointed out to Ken that Bob had just landed a small flathead. Approx 2 mins later Bob calls out to Ken those dreaded words: "Ken, can you come over... I've got a treble stuck in me". Sure enough, after wading over to Bob we discover he has still got the flattie in his boga grips, one treble in the flattie, and one treble in his finger. Deep in his finger. After watching countless hours of 'Young Doctors' in prior years, Ken's instincts took over - he proceeded to release the flathead, and reassure Bob he was going to make it. Suffice to say the local medical centre staff were very pleased of Bob's choice of lure as he turned up after driving to the medical centre with a SX-40 hanging off his hand. :biggrin2:

* I have 2 young kids, and found Caloundra to have a vast collection of childrens playgrounds - its a great spot for young families to holiday.

* When I met Ken, one of the first things he told me was that his removalists would not cart his 100 bottles of home brew down south, and that he would be forced to drink it before he moved (in 2 weeks). I could not for the life of me tell if he was dissappointed with the removalists or not. :biggrin2:

Jason took this nice Flathead that went 60cm on a pink ??? hard body.


The lure in question was indeed a $5 'The Producers' lure taken from one of those 'sale' bins in a tackle shop. Pink in colour and about 5cm in length, it runs very well at slow speeds and has nailed flatties, bream and bass for me.

It was a good capture for the last session, but as I said, I considered my time fishing and relaxing in Caloundra a good time regardless of whether I nailed something decent. Thanks again Ken!

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