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The Jewies Kicked Our Arse


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Thursday night as planned crazyfisherdude, marlin_dc, John from A1 dicount tackle and myself went for a jewie spin i got off work early and decided to go a little earlier to catch the sun going down.I had a plan for them to rock up to find a jewie sitting on the board walk with a big smile on my face and a story to tell i spun for an hour and got 3 hits but no solid hook ups. Crazyfisherdude came and we started to spin the tide was racing in and it was a little hard to work the bottom where they should have been holding i did manage to catch 4 of my sp's that i had lost on previous trips wich was a bonus. Marlin_DC and John came with 1\2 hour till the tide topped out and the company was good John caught a nice 57cm flatty so things were looking up we kept spinning and i think everyone got a few hits but the jewies just wern't playin cricket John got busted up by an unstopable fish when his rod tip was pointing to the sky after jigging the sp up his rod justs buckled over then Wack it was over befor it started the tide topped out and things went quiet but we battled on with a few hits anf John again loosing a fish this time because he was on the phone we decided to call it a night with 10 hits 2 hookups 1 flatty and 4 sp's . As the saying goes if it was easy everyone would be doing it sniff......sniff until next time fellas

Tight Lines

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Shame none of the hook ups turned into a capture, however it seems as though you were amongst the action.

Were you land based? Or fishing from a boat.

Where were you fishing eg Spit Bridge, Gladesville?

Anyway, great report.


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The raiders were fish raiders . We were using sp's andi was using a sic stic with 10 pound fire line and a libra tica 3000 that seems to do the job well enough ive landed jew to 15 kgs on it but just to be on the safe side im buying a new daiwa battler python and a tds 2500 just to be on the safe side when that monster takes a plastic it also helps with setting the hooks on bigger fish next time im heading down ill send you a personal message to let you know .If anyones keen me and crazy fisher dude are heading down to the captain cook bridge tonight were gonna fish from the sansuzi public warf so if you want come say hi

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